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Everyone wants to achieve true happiness and eager to walk on the path of it. People always desire a sense of feeling known as happiness in their life forever. But Deep in the heart, No one wants to struggle for it. Each person has its own source of happiness in their life in the form of living or nonliving article. Hence, they all are completely dependent on them. Some people feel happy when they are with their family, some find their happiness in nature and nowadays most of the people find it in the relationships

People connect emotionally up to that peak that it becomes impossible to stay happy even a single day without them. Unfortunately, they forget that most of the moments stay at the door of their life just for a few minutes. People come in relationships or marriages for getting love and they seek happiness in their partner and suddenly one bad experience or a small fight forces them to accept the truth that they can’t keep you happy for a  prolonged time. 

Some people feel disturbed when they stay away from the apple of their eye i.e. smartphones. They make it a small piece of their heart. Which leads to mental illness. We always try to find happiness in the outside world and try nonsense things to attain it.

Don’t you think we are wandering from the right path to achieve true happiness in our life? We are just hustling in chasing materialistic things, places or other people to get happiness in our life. Stop chasing such meaningless things and try to understand the real meaning of true happiness.

Try to find happiness in the world that is residing inside you rather than the outside world. People have to understand that the first step to reaching to the goal of true happiness is to love yourself. If you can’t become a source of happiness for yourself then how can you keep this sense of feeling in other’s life. 

True Happiness is the state of mind constantly being in love with yourself. Its the bitter truth that no one will remain forever so why not you should develop yourself so that you do not need an external ceaseless gadget to keep your smile.

Now another question arises here that how we can achieve the state of true happiness in our life.

As you have already listened that meditation is the key to happiness.  So, people have started meditating around 10-15 minutes daily. Another thing is that love and gives more priority to yourself, do whatever you like to do, do things you love, listen to your heart, push yourself not others, etc. It’s true, it will assist you to reach out to the state of peace of mind. As humans, we are all looking to find inner peace in this often stressful world. However,  True happiness will not knock your door with this mentality. 

The best way to attain it to puzzle out your problems. Problems are persistent in everyone’s life. One problem is gone than another one is waiting on the next turn. They never cease. They merely get exchanged or upgraded.

When you have decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle to solve your health problems, you will create some new problems, like you have to get up early, have to maintain diet plan and amount of rest and then getting showered and changed so that you don’t stink up the whole office.

If you have started a business to solve daily life problems of others than you will have to face numerous complications, like time and financial management, how to build your marketing strategy, hiring valuable employees, regular monitoring performances and so on.

If you wanna achieve something in your life you have to face and solve it then. But there are so many people who avoid their problems in their own way without thinking about the consequences.

  • Some people deny that their problems exist and don’t try to face reality which feels good for the short term but it’s not the key to true happiness.
  • Some choose to believe that they cannot solve their problem. They don’t even think about another try. Thus, they feel helpless.
  • Some always try to blame others for the problems or blames external circumstances because it’s easy but not go for the long term and it leads to anger.

 If you avoid them then you are making your life miserable it will definitely affect your future. It will lay the foundation for tomorrow’s problems. Sometimes problems are simple and straightforward: eating the food for which you are craving and going for shopping or just winning a game, sometimes complex and abstract: solving issues arises in your relationship either with your parents or with your close friends. But when you solved it you will feel the satisfaction and happiness you want.

Make your life sorted rather than mingled. Solving problems is a constant work-in-progress. Don’t stuck or leave that problem , Always try to work out on it because “There is a solution for every problem”. And in this way, you will definitely find out the right path to achieve true happiness in your life.

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