What will happen if every job pay you the same wages

What Will Happen If Every Job Pay You The Same Amount of Income ?

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Have you asked yourself what will happen if every job pays you the same amount of income? People are striving to become successful in their life. They want to accomplish their high paid dreams and for that, they definitely need lucrative jobs. It does not matter for them how much effort they have to put on. They are ready to blow themselves in it. Even they crush their dream jobs which are not going to pay their bills in 5-star restaurants.

 People are just hustling for the money instead of seeking a harmonious and satisfying job for themselves. According to the research, Job satisfaction doesn’t worthy in front of high pays. However, few ones are still striving for it but not all attain this goal. 

There are several reasons for this scenario. For example, You have responsibilities back at home such as children you might be more open to working long hours for a high earning job. If you’ve just moved in with your partner you’re going to want to spend more time at home considering how much you’ll be spending on bills and mortgage. 

There are numerous students who dreamed to be a great sportsperson in their life. Right now also someone who is living in a small town of Mumbai is dreaming to become a cricketer and someone in Karnataka wants to become a chess player. However, parents forced them to compete with others and take admission in one of the reputed colleges and become an engineer. As a result, Lakhs of engineers are produced in our country but only a small handful get the job. Sometimes harder financial problems force them to get into the bog without knowing the upshots.

It tends to become pressure even harder than many of them commit suicides. It usually happens in everyone’s life. Your job can be one of the biggest stressors in your life. Unfortunately, that means it can also be a major reason for your headaches. Sometimes people sacrifice their comfort in fulfilling the dreams of their families for those things which will give them a bunch of happiness.

 But just think about this phenomenon that if every job will pay you the same perks and just your hard work and smart work will determine the crest of your earnings. I don’t think Anyone will strive to get a particular job where they wouldn’t show their interest. Each one will try to search for the job which will make them feel joyful. They will apply for their best-loved jobs in the market. We already know that matchless efforts will come out of us when we start enjoying our work and it becomes more and more interesting as we go further. Moreover, Exploration quantity in the respective field will expand significantly and more and more technologies will be going to emerge.

Unemployment becomes a root cause of steady development and poverty, especially in India. Unemployment gives birth to political instability in the country. The education system in our country too has failed to respond to the existing inter-generation gap. Moreover, Living in an expensive city without employment can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and other mental health issues, especially if an individual truly wants a job but can’t find it. 

But just imagine, If every work will pay you the same amount of income then hopefully job unemployment will going to be uprooted. Job opportunities will be going to rise in a large amount. Now if we will take students into account then the priority level of the examination will close down forever. No one will hustle for the better salary packages in the companies and work in their interested fields. 

Every student will try to work in their interested field. The participation rate in every sport will definitely enlarge in our country. It will bring a huge turn around in the attitude of the youth. The mentality of the country will totally change. No one will pressurize you to work in an agonizing environment. Eventually, No one will try to interrupt between you and your dream job.

 I think that every person should have a chance to seek their dream job because the one-third portion of your life you will going to pay for it. At last, Every person has only one life to achieve their dreams. They should do the work which makes them feel alive rather than working like a donkey for hours. Hence, They should give more priority to job satisfaction rather than money. 

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