Do you Really Need A New Year's Resolution ?

Do you Really Need A New Year Resolution ?

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New Year’s Resolution

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you need a New Year resolution? The question which you might be coming across these days every now and then. You might see many people sharing their ideas, opinions, and decisions about it on social media too. ‘New Year Resolution’, The term that almost every individual is obsessed with. Not only this, people even want to know about other people’s resolutions too. Why is this so? Why is there so much hype about the new year resolution? 

A Variety Of Perspectives

Well, there are many ideologies that center about this term. And if you talk to people regarding this, you might come across a variety of opinions and perspectives. There are certain categories of people as far as this matter is concerned. Go through all of them and see if you belong to any of them.

  • Some people believe in taking a New Year’s resolution and set it as a goal that they want to accomplish for the upcoming year. According to them, the new year is the right time to begin with a positive attitude and positive energy whilst working and smashing the goals. They think that with the current year they want to let go of their mistakes as well as failures. And a new year is the right time to overcome them all. 


  • On the other hand, some people who are not at all concerned with the new year’s resolution. This is because even if they take one, they fail to accomplish it. Well, there are multiple reasons for this out of which procrastination and laziness top the list. When a person starts procrastinating about the goals they have planned to smash in the upcoming year, there is literally no end to it. It lowers down the productivity and distracts the person. Once the person starts pushing it forward, today turns into the next day which turns into next week and this process turns into a never-ending cycle. It might become ‘NEVER’ too. Also, the people falling in this category might end up giving up on goals easily. 


  • Then comes a rare category of people who do not believe in taking a new year’s resolution. They think they do not need a new year to start something on a fresh note or with a positive mind and energy level. Why wait for the new year when you can do it now? This category of people includes people who are high on positivity, energy and are usually full of life. The people that fall in this category are quite determined and dedicated too. For them, day or year does not matter. What matters is their spirit that they have in them. 

Now OR Never

Well, if you actually want something in your life. Start now because sometimes tomorrow becomes never. Push yourself and try to step out of the comfort zone because great things never came from the comfort zone. You need not wait for a specific day to be determined to accomplish your goals or turn into a productive person. The right time is NOW. Plan out the things and sort them as per your schedule. Learn from the mistakes you made and focus on improving yourself. Make sure every mistake you make teaches you something.  It’s okay if you fall down but make sure when you get up, you get up altogether as a stronger person than before. Calculate your daily/weekly progress as it gives you an insight into how much more productive you have been. Proper planning followed by timely execution can give indomitable results. 

Just Be You

You need not worry if you hear the other person talk about the big decisions they have planned to take upon. Remember that every person is different. You need not feel complexity or pressure. Some people who do not plan begin to panic out of nowhere and the reason is just the other people they see boasting about their resolutions. Let them be what they are. You are you and that is your power. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to rise higher instead of those who put you down. You need to do it for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

If you decide anything this time, may it be about life, career or any other goal which you want to accomplish, just do it? Any Ninjatech will not be going to take place while sitting in your bed. So, just stand strong on your part and see how the magic unfolds. 

So, this new year remember one thing: Don’t just take a new year’s resolution. WORK FOR IT. 

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