E-Sports Introduces a Gaming Degree for Gamers

E-Sports Introduces a Gaming Degree for All Types Of Gamers

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Video games are a pure wastage of time. Resist those brainless things from your mind. It will never furnish welfare in your life. Set off to your room, study hard and get a decent job.

Almost every kid once in a lifetime listens such kind of absurd dialogue from their parents. Parents, especially in India, always provoke their children against video games because their mindset has been programmed by the ancestors in this way. Several others think it’s the best thing ever given by our wonders of technology and others may think it may be the root cause of our decline in all aspects, whether it’s physical, sociological or psychological aspects of life.

How does a Gamer Life look? 

A gamer’s life is meaningless” is tightly stuck in their perception. What you can uproot by pursuing your career in gaming? It’s better to do a job so that you can pay your expenses smoothly. But in fact, the reality is pretty much the opposite.

The life of a pro gamer requires uncommon discipline and perseverance because the obstacles to success are as numerous outside the game as they are fearsome inside it. Parents won’t respect what you do, fans won’t understand when you fail, and most of the money goes to only the very best.

Gamers have their own virtual life and hectic schedule which is not a game for your right brain to understand. The efforts they make, the time they dissolve with complete dedication is immense. Gaming is not just sitting in front of the screen and holding the controller. It’s an emotion that continuously flows in the veins of many human beings.

E-Sports Introduces a Gaming Degree

As tough as that is, passion, team camaraderie, and a growing acceptance of e-sports as a legitimate career path are making competitive gaming bigger than ever.

E-sports introduces a gaming degree for all types of gamers of BA (Hons) which primarily focuses on the business of esports. You will learn within a practical technical environment everything required to host small and large scale events. Along with developing your skills for single player and multiplayer team events you will create business plans to build teams, create online communities and promote your events through digital marketing.

You would definitely be stimulated for playing single as well as multiplayer games. You will learn how you can develop those games including the marketing strategies of the esports. It will profoundly connect you with the export business. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

You will also get the opportunity to explore the culture of esports, its audience and fan base as well as a variety of the most popular current game genres. As the sector grows, the ethical and legislative regulations are trying to keep pace, you will learn what is actually happening in the industry right now and how these issues are shaking the e-sports environment.

Initiative Taken for Pro Gamers

Recently, a game was launched which took the whole world by storm, “PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground)”. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Everyone is aware of the craze level of this game especially in India, it was up to another level. It has popularised up to a large extent. Age becomes just a number. Millions of people are playing it on the regular premise.

Analyzing the trendiness of the game, an initiative took place which resulted in the gaming competitions at the international level. Form your team, jump in the arena and compete with the world under the single roof. Numerous gaming events have been hosted and thousands of gamers have already been playing in millions.


Investment of Tech Giants

Spurred by the success of Fortnite & PUBG, tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are all leaping into the world of game-streaming. They’re each launching platforms that use their cloud computing heft to power game-streaming free from the pricey consoles that have anchored the video game industry for decades. Broadband is slaying the game box.

They’re also setting up or buying over gaming studios to develop their own arsenal of games in order to woo players. At stake is more than a slice of what’s a new market for most of these tech titans. This is equally about retaining control of the social media market, at a time when games like Fortnite and streaming platforms like Twitch are grabbing more user attention than the social networking sites like Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.

The Bright Side of the Gaming

The interaction in video games improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination of preschool children, according to a study by Deakin University in Melbourne. Cooperative and online games promote sociability, teamwork, ability to solve problems together for both children and adults.

It enhances multitasking and improves brain speed. In Addition, It also sharpens memory. Moreover, This assists in building up your communication skills and one of the most crucial aspects that it fills up the generation gap.

In fact, The creativity and IQ level of gamers has been measured beyond the normal person. It’s just the society that never supports them. The mentality of the people has to be changed and modern adaptation requires to boost up the gaming career.

Insight into the Future of Gaming

Gaming Technology has evolved tremendously and is going to be one of the humongous as well as exploding forms of career. Thousands of popular games released on a daily basis. Gaming is now not just limited to solo entertainment. It’s getting reshaped into social entertainment that has a huge potential of turning into an emerging business in the near future of India as well.

Video games have always been a good option for businesses. Today’s technology allows players to immerse themselves completely into unbelievable lifelike scenarios. What is new is the increasingly popular world of playing those games for what everyone is obsessed with i.e. money. An Innovation carried out by the E-sports for introducing the gaming course going to lead the change in the gaming world.

Equality of Profession

We should invigorate our children if they want to make their career in the field of gaming. Each person has its own interest and its mandatory to persuade it in the right direction. Nowadays, gaming is not being undertaken for fun. It transforming into a passion. Parents have to understand all these facts before deciding the career of their child.

So, it’s not just about Gaming. Basically, every profession deserves equal respect and the child should be free to pursue his dream. Whether it is the field of Gaming or any other. Let yourself free because only then you can fly in the sky of your dreams.

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