Why 71st Republic Day Is So Special for all Indians ?

Why 71st Republic Day Is More Special For All Indians ?

Happy 71st Republic Day

India is all set to celebrate its 71st Republic Day on 26th January 2020. Well, the preparations for 71st Republic Day are in full swing in Delhi. Hence, We know it is the capital of India is the largest democracy in this world. Not only Delhi, but all the states who celebrate this national festival are also all prepped up for the big day. As we all know a grand parade is organized at Rajpath in Delhi to celebrate.

The Significance of 71st Republic Day

The 71st Republic Day is extra special for someone. Any guesses? Yes, they are none other than Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir. I think you all must be aware of the reason why this national festival has a special significance for Jammu & Kashmir as well as Ladakh. It has been now separated from J&K. However, Ladakh is given the status of a union territory but without legislative assembly while J&K is still a union territory with legislative assembly and is under the control of the central government.

Moreover, both the constituents of the nation will now work according to the Indian Constitution. Earlier, J&K had a separate constitution keeping in mind the special status of the place. However, that separate constitution does not hold any significance now. As per the government, it was their dream of ‘One Nation, One Constitution‘ in order to fulfill the dream of Sardar Patel who often quoted ‘Ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat‘. As a result, This will be their first Republic Day celebration post removal of Article 370 by the Government of India.

Let’s Know About Article 370 & 35A

Let’s Know About Article 370 And 35A

As per Article 370 and 35A, the special status of J&K has been removed while it has also been bifurcated into two i.e. Ladakh and J&K. Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu will hoist the flag in MA Stadium in Jammu. Moreover, He will also address the people about the priorities of the administration. In addition, cultural programs will be exhibited by little school students. The time scheduled for hoisting the flag was 9: 58 a.m. All the common people, political leaders have also joined the celebration. 

Chaos and Conflicts

A lot of chaos and debate went around the nation regarding the removal of Article 370. However, many people supported this move while some were against it. This move even welcomed by many countries. Due to the protests and potential threats, communication services were shut down in J&K. It impacted the lives of common people living there along with the businesses too. Many cases of stone-pelting were reported in the Kashmir Valley. In order to control and handle the situation, CRPF forces were deployed in J&K.

This moment is actually full of emotions too, especially for the people living there. This is because the people living there felt uncomfortable and discriminated against the special status that was granted to them years ago. This makes them feel united with their nation again. While some people think that snatching of their special privileges was an undemocratic step and might create problems for them. 

Nation Be United

In 2019, both the places celebrated their first Independence Day too. All this doesn’t really matter if wrong considers ourselves as Indian first which we actually are. Our identity is that of an Indian first. There is a reason why many countries around the world appreciate India for being united despite the diversity in terms of culture, regions, religion, etc. Whatever may be the physical boundaries, what really matters is how we respect each other. The person may bring in any culture, any religion, any state or any country. Learn to respect other people’s opinions and perspectives. So, Let’s spread love not hate and move together holding hands towards the bright future of our country.

Happy Republic Day❤ Be proud of the world’s largest democracy ❤

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