How Can You Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle

How can you achieve a healthy lifestyle?? You always search to get the answer of it everywhere but First of all, I want to ask, What is health for you? Is it just being fitted with 6 pack abs? If it is so then my pal you are on the falling edge of the graph. Health is actually how well you are, not just physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. 

Let’s Talk About Categories Of Health

Physical Health 

Physical health is the base of your life“. It doesn’t mean that you have to have six-pack abs. Fitness is not a destination but a journey. Being healthy physically means that your hormones are stable, you are active and flexible, and you are disease-free.

Spiritual Health 

Before digging deep inside let’s talk a bit about spiritual health first, because some spirituality is blasphemy. By spiritual health, It meant how much aligned you are, not to god or spirits but to your faith, that could be in people, yourself, nature, god or the universe. 

Mental Health 

Mental health defines your state of well being apart from physical well being. Being mentally fit is also a vital part of life. If you are sad, stressed or having anxiety but are physically fit, then my friend, you can’t consider yourself as a fit person. Mental health should be equally focussed on. After having long hours at work, try to meditate may it be for 5 to 10 minutes. This will calm down your mind and will give you positive energy. 

Emotional Health

Emotional Health plays an important role in the well being of a person. An emotionally healthy person is wise in terms of handling his/her emotions. He/She knows how to balance their emotions while being practical at the same time. For this, one should know how to take hold of their emotions and how to control them. Emotional well being is as essential as physical well being. 

Importance of Health In Your Life

Why is health necessary? We all know the answer to this, you can’t live happily if you aren’t healthy. Health not just accounts to your happiness, but to your longevity, your intellect, your motivations to live as well. It is easy to be happy when you are healthy because happiness is just a state of mind

How Can We Achieve Healthy Lifestyle In Certain State?

Physical Health 

  • How to attain physical health? Well for starters you have gotta breathe as deep as you can. For the main course, you have to work out, not at some gym, duh! Your workout could be as simple as walking 5000 steps a day, which you easily can.
wholefoodsdiet, homecooking , healthycomfortfood
Take a healthy diet rather than junk.
  • For the desserts you need to have a diet, mind the fact that you don’t have to be on a diet to have a diet. I’m not talking about the traditional diet to lose weight, but the traditional diet to live your best, the diet which has your macros balanced. Diet doesn’t mean starving yourself creating a deficit of 20- 30% to lose weight and for gains surplus of about 20% and not eating like a monster.
drink as much as water you can.
Drink water as much as you can to release stress.
  • Last but not least you need to have water for drinks. There is no need to extrapolate on the importance of water. Well, all know that our bodies are made up of 70% of water.

Emotional Health 

Coming to emotional health, it can be obtained by knowing how you feel each and every moment. In addition, you need to know that emotions are a state of mind. But how to change a particular state of mind? Simply by engaging yourself to something else and giving fewer fucks.

  • You can clap your hands and make some noise for like 3 minutes to change your state. Also, emotions are nothing but energy in motion so when you increase your motion you can increase your energy. 
  • Another way is to express yourself. Yes, It is true. There are so many people who hesitate to express them because of their perception that others won’t understand their feelings. But if they don’t understand just don’t give a fuck. It is important for you to release stress. You can talk to your close ones which will reduce stress and keep your emotional balance stable.
  • Initially, it is really tough job but you have to leave your insecurities and introvert nature at home. Go outside and socialize with others. You will get the chance to know others and their point of view towards life.

Mental Health

Taking care of mental health is something you can’t give upon, mental peace of mind is the first step to achieve anything to everything.

  • To improve your mental health you have to learn the art of giving fewer fucks and releasing the things or situations that aren’t serving. But how can you give fewer fucks to something or someone who is more important than my life to me? If you think this, then you have to know that you still are living the illusion.
  • Your whole life is an Illusion, only death is real, like only love is real, not the need for love extends fear, hatred, jealousy, and anger. You aren’t stuck into the illusion but you are the master, creating it every day, in every moment. The more you give a fuck to things that aren’t actually important, the more you are allowing yourself to be the victim of destiny. The more it will eat you up and the less life you’ll have to live.

Spiritual Health

meditation , selfcare, spirituality,
Meditation is necessary to relax your mind

The way to improve your spiritual health is to connect, not with the spirit world, the dead again, but nature and your inner higher self.

  • This can be done by meditating. If you can’t meditate, the good news is you still can connect to your highest self, not by burning candles in the house, but by breathing and being aware of what you do and why you do all the time.
  • You just have to explore your spiritual core. You should ask these 5 questions from yourself
  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the purpose of my life?
  3. What do I value the most?
  4. Why I am doing this in my life?
  5. What I really want in my life?
traveller ,traveltheworld , travelling

Travel at new places alone to find yourself
  • It is a personal recommendation to go and travel. Get up from your bed, leave your comfort zone and explore the things around the world. When you reach out to some places where you have never visited, you will be going to find yourself. You will leave all the distractions far behind and you will find just yourself.

So far we have discussed types of health and easy ways to attain them. This way you can achieve a healthy lifestyle in your life. 

Why Do We Lack Motivation?

why do we lack motivation ?

Lack of motivation in yourself

Most of us know that already, we even know better ways but we lack motivation. Do you know why? We lack the motivation to improve health because to us only money matters. The money we earn to maintain ourselves takes us away from health because we are so busy that we have no time. But money is not the root cause of all evil. We are. Our procrastination and will to live in the future more than the present is. We should understand that money will not going to hold our hand and take us to the path where we can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Money is not a god but it is no less than god. The thing here to note is that we have gotta find time ourselves because without paying attention to ourselves we can reach nowhere.

Health is Not A Life Station

Health is not a station
Health is not a station

You may and should have goals related to health but “Health is not a station of life“, it has no destination, instead it is the process itself. Just the way life is, life is not a destination but a process to create and experience.

The thing you should remember is that you are more than your body and your body is just a tool to manifest whatever you want, if you’ll not take care of the tool, polish it regularly, it might deposit rust over itself then you’ll have no other option than to leave that tool behind. What is that one thing which you want to be doing every day for the rest of your life? It could be as simple as driving cars, going for adventures, painting, drawing, singing, coding or whatever you love.

You need to have the tool to accomplish it, you need to be here on earth, alive to do that, you need to take care of the tool, your body. Once you heard that people realize the importance of something when they lose it, don’t wait to lose your dream, start living it, but the only way in heaven by which you can do it is with your body, so take care of it, love it like it is the only thing you have. You are gonna die soon, love yourself and live happily, take care of yourself. You can achieve or improve your healthy lifestyle by breathing and paying attention, to your surroundings and yourself. Don’t forget to love yourself. You are the plant that needs a shower of love and no one can provide it to you the way you can.

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